How Cabana Box Works

Step 1: Take Fit Quiz!

Step 2: Enter Billing and Shipping Info. You Are Not Charged Until You Decide What To Keep

Step 3: Your Cabana Box Arrives

Step 4: Keep What You Love. Free Returns For The Rest

$10 Styling Fee Waived

 If No Items Are Kept Or You Have A Friend Order A Box

What's Your Swim Stress?

We think it's time you were asked.

"Swimsuit Tops are usually my challenge. I loved that I was asked about issues that I've always had to deal with. I felt like a woman was on the other end." 

Nina, 29

"I'm 32 and just had a baby. I was looking for something that would help cover up my mid-section but still make me feel sexy. I loved the one piece I was sent."

Paola, 32.

"I had a vacation coming up and needed swimwear I could wear around colleagues but also something my husband would love. I ended up keeping my entire box."

Diana 54

"I was honestly very surprised to receive swimwear I could actually keep. I tried Cabana Box out with low expectations but I loved the colors and most of all I loved how my inner thighs were covered but I got to show off my top half."