10 Ways to Instantly Feel Confident In Your Swimsuit

10 Ways to Instantly Feel Confident In Your Swimsuit

I challenge you to do all 10 of these things and I promise, you will feel more confident than you have in years while simultaneously walking around half naked. 

1. Have a Drink and Some Food for Goodness sake

 I can't tell you how many times I've been at the beach or a pool party and I see friends resisting a burger or beer because they are afraid of what their stomach will look like afterwards. It is summer time, and you live once. I beg of you, stop worrying about looking perfect in your next photo and enjoy yourself. You will be happier after eating something and having a drink.  The more you are actually having a good time, the less you will be worrying about what you consider to be flaws.

2. Do Participate

 If you prefer to lay out and pretend you're on your own private island, that's one thing. But don't miss out on things you secretly want to do because you're insecure about what you look like.Take the towel OFF, walk around the pool and dive in. You're the only one thinking about how you didn't work out all week or reach your goal weight before summer. Everyone else is just happy to be spending time with you and will feed off your energy.

3. Choose to be Comfortable and Secure

 Make sure you have a suit you feel supported in. This does NOT mean you can't feel sexy. Support has nothing to do with a matronly style. You deserve to feel secure and comfortable. Ask yourself, what is something I constantly find myself trying to fix when in a suit? For example, if  you constantly adjust your straps, find a top with bra sliders. If you often pull your bottoms up then don't wear low cut bottoms, try a high waist or one piece.


4. Stop Staring Like A Weirdo

When you look around and see women who YOU think look better, immediately stop yourself. While you're looking at them, they're looking at you. I promise you that. While you're staring at their thighs their staring at your boobs. What people actually notice is your level of security and confidence. That is what is going to make you sexy.

5. Do Grab Some Tinted Moisturizer

 Going completely make-up free, while also being almost naked may be a little much for many of us. If you feel your face is on point, your more likely to relax and feel willing to interact. Tinted moisturizer, some concealer and waterproof mascara are all you need to give yourself a glowy even skin tone.

6. Beyoncé Has Stretch Marks

Britney Spears has stretch marks, Halle Berry has stretch marks, Shakira has stretch marks, Chrissy Tiegen has stretch marks, Miranda Kerr has stretch marks. I have stretch marks, my 18 year old niece has stretchmarks. No one cares about your stretchmarks. So don't waste a minute thinking about them, or your scar or your cellulite. 

7. Try Not To Look Like A Hostage

 SMILE. If you don't look happy you will only bring attention to yourself in a negative way. You are out on a sunny day with friends. There is absolutely no reason to focus on anything other than how truly lucky you are in that very moment. A year from now you will think about the day and the memory not how many crunches you got in that week.

8. Compliment Another Woman

Complimenting another woman verbally and outright shows you are confident enough to appreciate another woman's beauty. I don't mean a self loathing passive aggressive "ugh I hate you, you have the best legs." I mean a sincere thoughtful "You have a gorgeous figure!" Try it, and you will be surprised how happy a woman will be to receive a genuine compliment from you, and in return how good you will feel about yourself having done it.

9. Don't Worry Too Much About Your Social Media 

Sharing memories of your friends and family is wonderful. We all get a fuzzy feeling when people comment on our posts. But don't let this be the reason you post from 256 different angles in order to look like you have no arm fat. Beyoncé has arm fat J-LO has arm fat, I have arm fat, your mom has arm fat, you get the picture. Take the group shot, smile, laugh, eat a chip, move on.

10. You're Going to The Beach Not to Bed

Some of us are under the impression that just because we are not going to be fully clothed, we don't need to "get ready." If you're struggling with being confident in a swimsuit then stop treating it like a horrendous experience you want to get over with. Have fun with a cute hair style, paint your toes, and moisturize. At times we spend well over an hour getting ready. But we all know, actually getting dressed takes 1 minute of that time. So invest time into getting ready beforehand. If you treat your outing like something exciting that you want to look fantastic for, you will feel less insecure after actually putting your swimsuit on! 



P.S. You look really pretty today. 


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