Amanda's Cabana Box Suggestions

You're gonna love wearing these, Amanda.
- Your Stylist, Julie

My First Pick For You:

My Must Have For You, Amanda.

  • This Two Piece offers great support in a really innovative style. The underband bottom which you liked paired with this criss cross back offers maximum adjustability for a secure fit.
  • You won't have to worry about the back being snug enough, and I love that it covers more of your back than a regular bikini top which helps support you in front.
  • I paired it with this French Leg Cut High waisted Bottom. It will elongate your legs and help smooth out unwanted weight that gathers in the mid-section.

I was so excited when I found these pieces for you!

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My Second Pick For You:

Versatile Support for Relaxing and Activities

  • The Ruching in these cups help to create a beautiful shape, and the fabrics used ensure that your nipples won't be visible through the fabric.
  • The back of this bottom is a moderate to full coverage that won't "swallow" your butt
  • The style of these cups works really well for someone as lucky as you with evenly shaped breasts
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My Third Pick For You:

One Piece Perfect for Your Torso

  • This feminine and flirty one piece is perfect for those days when you're lounging by the pool.
  • Your breasts will have a natural shape and have just the right amount of "boob cleavage" to make this suit a showstopper.

Oh So Girly, and Sexy at the Same Time.

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My Report: If I had to choose only two I would go with my first two picks. I think they offer a nice balance and love that they meet all your needs in different styles. I love all three though!! Whatever you decide, they will last for many years to come. Enjoy!

- Julie

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