Cathy's_Cabana Box

You're gonna love wearing these, Cathy.
- Your Stylist, Julie

My First Pick For You:

The Best of Both Worlds!
  • This gorgeous One Piece comes in a nice strong material. It's soft, but it's so well made you can feel the quality in the weight of the fabric.
  • Removable straps give you the option to Flaunt Your Breasts for a sexy strapless look or add them for more support.
  • You said you wanted a one piece but liked the skirted bottom. When I found this, I was so excited for you.
  • The Skirt will provide perfect coverage for your "Bubble Butt" ;)

In love with this suit for you.

Sold out

My Second Pick For You:

Flaunt Your Breasts, Full Back Coverage

  • My second pick for you is a gorgeous one piece that has excellent full coverage on the butt
  • It covers Hips completely and covers the Pubic area and sides of the body very well
  • This V-Cup will show of your 36D cup beautifully with adjustable bra sliders for added lift
  • I selected it in a dark blue for you, it's gorgeous.

Give this suit a try, you won't regret it!

Sold out

My Third Pick For You:

A Sexy Option

  • This One Piece will definitely allow you to flaunt your breasts, but it comes with excellent coverage for your butt.
  • The design up top will draw the eye up-ward and downplay any skin elasticity concerns you may have on your upper thighs
  • Bra Sliders let you adjust your security. This style will provide a more natural shape for your breasts but it will look oh so flattering by only showing off a big of the inner part of your boob.

This is my fun pick for you!

Sold out


My Report: If I had to choose only two I would go with my first two picks. I think they offer a nice balance and love that they meet all your needs in different styles. I love all three though!! Whatever you decide, they will last for many years to come. Enjoy!

- Julie

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