Meet Julie

Everyday my vision for Julie Joa Swim becomes clearer. What started out as an idea to provide myself with a solution, has evolved into a clear goal to provide women with  reliable swimwear they will enjoy wearing. I wanted to fill what I felt was a gap in the market, where women who wanted to feel sexy and secure could find a swimsuit they felt comfortable in. I know that B and C cups depending on the reason, need lift, support and evenness as well. I also know that finding cute secure fitting tops for larger cup sizes and smaller back sizes under 38 can be a challenge. I wanted to provide a solution for these women with swimwear that they could count on every time. 


"Use this log to be sexy, Julie"
There are things that are expected from you when you start a swimwear line, the ability to pose effortlessly in a swimsuit for example. I was not born with this talent. But at least we can have a laugh.
One of the ways I like to test if a style is fitting the way I want, is I having friends and family wear it. My mom is in her 50's, she's a C-cup and wears a medium bottom. I'm in my 20's a 32dd cup and wear an X-small. Her needs are different from mine, but that doesn't mean we can't find value in the same swimwear.

I want to provide women with the Swimwear version of their favorite cute T-shirt, a reliable suit they can put on and know they will instantly feel and look good in. A suit is nothing if it doesn't make you feel good.