When Do I Pay My $24 Styling Fee?

After your fill out your smart quiz, in order to receive a box you must complete check out. You will be charged $24 for your styling fee which helps in compensating your stylist's time. Once you receive your box, the $24 will go towards any items you choose to keep.

When Am I Charged for Items I Keep?

You are expected to use your magic checkout link within 4 days of receiving your box. Once you checkout and your returns (if any) are received by us, you will be charged for the kept items. This may take up to 48 hours to show up on your credit card.

Who Pays For Shipping?

Shipping is free, we incur the cost of shipping for deliveries and returns. In the event you ask your stylist for a specific item such as a suit in a different color that is a one-off item not part of a box, you will be charged for shipping. This is not always possible as it may depend on what we have in stock.

What Methods of Payment Do You Accept?

We accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, ELO, Apple pay and Pay Pal.

Do You Offer After Pay?

No, we do not offer After Pay at this time.

Shipping & Delivery

How Long Until My Box is Delivered?

Your box will arrive within 6 business days of your order. It may take less. Customers near the Houston area for example can expect an estimated 3-4 day delivery.

What If My Order Says Delivered But It Isn't?

Issues with USPS delivery carriers happen. We recommend giving it a full day to see if it turns up otherwise try the following:

1. Ask neighbors if they may have accidentally received your box (especially those with a similar or same house number in the area).

2. Check your cameras or nest doorbell if possible.

3. Ask your post office to relay the message to the mail carrier. Sometimes they can remember when a mistake was made and help you find your package.

4. If all else fails, please contact us at

I Forgot To Mail Back My Returns

Oh no! We know life happens. Please send it back ASAP, let your stylist know if you need help scheduling an at-home pickup with USPS. If you have already been charged for all the items contact your stylist immediately so we can work on a solution for you.


All Cabana Box orders include free return shipping. You are expected to select items and finalize your box using the checkout link that is sent to you, and then send back unwanted items.

You are charged for items you choose to keep. Once items are selected to keep, sales are final. A swimsuit may not be returned after you have already sent back unwanted items or used your checkout link.  Final checkout should occur within 4 days of initial delivery.


Exchange Policy

We cannot guarantee an exact exchange for a specific color or size.

Our process is designed to match you with the best swimwear based on your smart quiz entry. If you would like a specific exchange, please request it with your stylist and she will send you your request if available. Shipping costs will be incurred by the customers.

Rather than a direct exchange, we recommend you keep what worked from your box and request another box from your stylist to send more options.