A Social Experiment to See What We Really Think About Our Bodies


Each woman had never modeled before. Some hadn't worn a swimsuit in over a year while others had never worn a One Piece in their life. They all loved the Nina One Piece for different reasons, and we loved seeing them in it! Most importantly, we can all learn something from the way each woman viewed her own photos. 

(Click to the end of each woman's slideshow to see the photoshopped photos each saw in the video)


"It's weird that I didn't recognize my own body 'cause I guess I didn't have that perception of myself; that I was those things, those positive things that I had mentioned."

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"Yea, I think I was judging myself on my age... and we do that you know, we judge ourselves, oh my God my body's changing, it's changing it's changing.."

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"I think that that's something I should probably focus less on because it was the first thing I noticed about myself as opposed to anything else."

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"I could be in a different mood, or have a different level of confidence just by one thing. Something as a simple as a bathing suit."

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"I mean I look at my own body everyday so I've gotta find something wrong with it, but.. you know, it's my own."

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"I wouldn't judge myself any different than I would judge anyone else. Why? The question is why."

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