Our Mission

The Right Suit & Experience

Our #1 priority is matching you with swimsuits that address all of your needs and concerns. Feel at ease knowing that your swimsuits are hand picked for your body, concerns and style. Cabana Box exists to provide that "aha" feeling. Women from all walks of life can breathe a sigh of relief in knowing that we truly understand their concerns. We aren't here to pretend challenges don't exist, instead we want you to share them with us because we understand and we're here to help.


It's an integral part of our mission to provide a better experience to all women. By selecting cis or trans at the start of your smart quiz, you help give stylist a more complete picture of your needs.


100% Woman BIPOC Owned

Our founder and CEO created Cabana Box as a love note to all the women in her life.

Inspired by the women she encountered in her personal life as well as in her role as a swimsuit designer, Julie felt inspired to create an experience that truly listens to women and enables them to share as if they are shopping with a friend. The fact is we all have reasons why swimsuit shopping may not be the greatest, cabana box is a safe space where women can receive real solutions, created with real life in mind.

Eco-friendly Packaging

In order to cut down on waste, we provide a piece of tape that is used to reseal the original box your order arrives in.

We use water activated paper tape made from 100% recycled content with soy-based ink.

We are constantly working on improving our success rate so that our customers keep 100% of the items sent to them. This greatly decreases the carbon footprint of each cabana box. You can help strengthen our success rate by providing feedback to your stylist.